Credit Officer

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General Description of the Institution

Goldflint Microfinance is a Tier 4 Financial Institution (Microfinance) that is licensed by the Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority.

Goldflint Microfinance provides financial services in the form of short and medium-term credit  to individuals and businesses.

At Goldflint Limited, we are a community-minded, mission and values-guided financial institution focused on helping customers achieve their financial goals.

General Description of the Role

To grow the Goldflint Microfinance portfolio and clientele as per the approved targets through client mobilization and orientation to Goldflint Microfinance methodologies for loan disbursements. Critical outputs include: Timely Disbursements; Minimized loan default rates; Timely and accurate reports submitted to the Supervisor; Timely loan recovery rates; and Achievement of targeted portfolio growth and performance.

Key Result Areas

A. Client Mobilization​

1. Identifying new business opportunities for Goldflint Microfinance Ltd.​

2. Ensure that good performing clients are not lost to competition.

B. Loan Disbursement​

1. Support clients to complete the loan application forms.

2. Appraise client loan applications by analyzing applicants’ financial status and credit worthiness, evaluating proposed collateral/property to determine feasibility of granting loans.​

3. Follow up loan applications submitted to the Head of Credit for approval

4. Communicate loan approvals/rejections to clients within 12 hours of reaching decision​

5. Ensure that the approved loans are disbursed to clients within 24hrs.

C. Loan Recovery​

1. Verify payments made by the clients for accuracy and minimize client arrears

2. Ensure good customer care by handling loan related clients’ complaints timely and taking
appropriate actions to resolve them.​

3. Ensure timely banking of collections from clients including loan application fees​

4. Ensure daily update of the loan repayment register​

5. Make follow-ups on defaulters, making daily reports of challenges encountered to the Head of Credit.​

6. Ensure that all the clients pay their loan installments in full and on time

D. Delinquency Management

1. Ensure Daily loan monitoring and evaluation of existing loans​

2. Develop daily work plans for client visits and phone calls to remind them of their due dates

3. Identify and submit a daily list of loans that are tending towards the P.A.R category to the Head of credit for appropriate action to mitigate against NPL growth.​

4. Schedule monthly Bailiff Meetings to get updates and feedback on the progress of cases with the bailiff.​

5. Support the Bailiff in the identification of clients and their locations whose files have been handed over for third party collection

E. General Duties

1. Participate in the generation of a pool of ideas to aid in the development and upgrade of new and existing Goldflint Microfinance Products.​
2. Actively participate in Goldflint Microfinance management meetings​
3. Take an active role in ensuring that Goldflint Microfinance property is maintained and kept in good working condition at all times.​
4. Any other Goldflint Microfinance related duties that maybe assigned to you by your supervisor from time to time


  • Degree in any field from a recognized University
  • Effective communication skills
  • Loan tracking skills
  • Credit management skills
  • Monitoring skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Customer care and relationship skills
  • Number facility –ability to add, subtract, multiple and divide quickly
  • Organizational skills
  • Flexible and willing to go an extra mile
  • Ability to manage and account for one’s time
Key Performance Indicators
  1. Caseload of at least 150 clients at any given time
  2. Portfolio outstanding of at least UGX 500 million
  3. Healthy portfolio with a (PAR) 30 days not exceeding 5%
  4. Client Retention of 90%
  5. Client acquisition of at least 20 new clients per month
  6. At least 50 million monthly disbursements.
  7. Weekly collections and disbursement reports by every first day of the week
  8. Monthly Portfolio report by the 2nd day of the new month

To apply for this job email your details (CV and Academic documents) to